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Helsinki Think Company association is the entrepreneurship society of University of Helsinki. Our members are students, researches and entrepreneurially minded people around the University of Helsinki. We organize activities and events to inspire, educate and empower people towards entrepreneurship and academic action.

In Helsinki Think Company we believe in bottom up action. We welcome everyone interested in entrepreneurial activities to come and join our dazzling community. Come and visit our venues and events, plan and organize happenings with us and become a member of the association.

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Meet the Board

Rosa Smolander
+358 400 440 630

Rosa is a solution-focused social psychology student who has passion for people and goofy ideas. Rosa’s academic expertise focus on group dynamics and behavior change but her heart also leans towards event-production and teaching. Due to a former background as a scout active Rosa believes into the power of games and simple childlike ideas, brainstorming with a 5 year old is not a bad idea!

Juho Kostet
Vice Chair

Juho is a Computer Science student minoring in Urban Studies & Planning, a futurist inspired by exponential technologies and an urban farmer. He has a broad range of scientific and technological interests, from city planning and food production to asteroid mining and transhumanism. Juho prefers solving problems while keeping efficiency in mind. On his free time Juho spends time gardening and tinkering with robots.

Kaisa Matikainen

Kaisa is a political science student and up-and-coming entrepreneur from the University of Helsinki. She loves speaking in public and can pitch anywhere, anytime. Kaisa spends most of her time trying to save the world, but in her free time she likes to relax by looking at pictures of cute dogs on the internet.

Anni Koponen
Secretary & Communications

Anni is a student of Environmental and Resource Economics and has a great passion for emerging technologies & bioeconomy. She enjoys challenging herself by volunteering in the Finnish Startup scene thus getting to work with people from different backgrounds. You can find Anni spending her free time in karaoke bars or training for a marathon.


Sanna Nykänen
Think Family

Sanna is a professional nurse working in the field of surgery. She is passionate about health and life sciences and wants to improve equity in health for all people worldwide. In the future you will find her tackling Global Health challenges. Sanna is eager to make an impact and encourages everyone to dream big with an open mind and heart!


Klaus Hietala

Klaus is a social policy student and an outgoing startup enthusiast. His life is filled with adrenaline from skateboarding and skiing, but sometimes he needs to sit down and read some Russian classics to relax. He is inspired by our fast changing world and thinks that you should either go fast or go home, but still remember to obey the speed limits.


Valtteri Frantsi

Valtteri is a graduate student majoring in Social and Moral Philosophy. He wants to help other people improve their hidden skills and has special interests in humanitarian issues, ‘social’ entrepreneurship, and methodological issues of effectiveness. Valtteri is also enthusiastic about board games, crazy-cool music technology, and biking.

Heini Vainikka
Communications & Funding

Heini is a sincere learner and a student of General and Adult Education. She is fascinated by human behaviour and communications, and passionate about boosting young startups to become game changers. Curiosity, healthy idealism and strong belief in positive thinking make her a reliable team player. Heini believes that innovation and entrepreneurship are the tools to change the world.

Susanna Jokimies

Susanna is an energetic soon-to-graduate education psychology student, who believes learning is the most powerful thing in the world. She has a wide experience in student organisations and the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. With her can-do attitude and big voice Susanna brings spirit and speed to projects and teamwork. It’s hard to change the world alone, so we’d better do it together.

Anne Hietaharju

In addition to studying social sciences, Anne has been busy with her faculty student organization and working in communications. She loves entertaining her friends with funny Facebook-statuses and getting work done with a good crew. Alongside with saving the world, Anne is especially thrilled in bringing science into political decision-making, the increase in sunlight, and coffee.