Meet Helsinki Think Company host team. Their job is to keep the wheels rolling and operations under control. The host team organizes most of the regular events, such as Been There, Done That evenings and Mini Challenge workshops. Whenever you step into the cozy co-working spaces, one of these people is there to welcome you with a smile.

Host team

imageMatti Petteri Pöntiö

Matti gets excited about taking good ideas into concrete action. He makes magic with concept planning, operational efficiency and functional aesthetics. His background is in social and moral philosophy at the University of Helsinki. Matti believes that there is an endless space for alternative solutions in the entrepreneurial scene. By alternative we mean neat, ethical or cool.

Rosa Salmivuori

Rosa is finishing her studies at the University of Helsinki, majoring in Social and Cultural Anthropology. She is interested in different kinds of social phenomena and always eager to learn more about the world we live in. She believes in teamwork and wants to encourage people to follow their passions. This year she’s in charge of the Vuorikatu’s venue.  

Tuomo Lindholm

Tuomo is both a new student of history and a master of science in geography as wells as an entrepreneur. His major interests are environmental change and finding knowledge based solutions to wicked problems. Storytelling is Tuomo’s special skill. Beside fixing the world he loves the archipelago, forests, fells and hiking.

Auri Evokari

Auri is on her last stretch of her Master of Arts degree in African studies, eager to find new ways to bring academics into action. Having a multidisciplinary study background herself, she gets a kick out of the magic that happens when people from various backgrounds get together and co-create.

Sally Weaver

Sally is an aspiring environmental economist, whose other academic interests include development, EU policy and agriculture. In practice she wants to help scale up localised climate action and work with international initiatives. She is fluent in both English and Finnish, and hopes to bring some international spice to the Think Company mix!

Jenni Hämäläinen

Jenni is a Social and Public Policy student at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She especially interested in social entrepreneurship and and is also involved in the Think Company community through Oppimo, a peer learning programme for students. She has experience with community building and event management.

Laura Ekholm

Laura is studying at the Faculty of Arts, majoring in ethnology but having also an intensive relationship with the Faculty of Social Sciences. Laura is interested in everyday culture, town planning and cat videos. She believes strongly in teamwork and co-creation and thinks multidisciplinary is key to success.

Milla Kallio

Milla is an urban geography student currently writing her bachelor’s thesis at the Faculty of Science and completing her minor at Aalto University. Milla is interested in the linkages between environment, interaction and well-being. She loves travelling, feeling at home in new places and is enthusiastic about co-creating and teamwork.

meeri_150x150pngMeeri Helminen

Meeri is a student of Environmental Change and Policy at the University of Helsinki, currently writing her master’s thesis. Solving sustainability issues, getting involved in urban development projects and good coffee get her excited. She has an ability to bring the best out of people around her.

taneli-150x150Taneli Elomaa

Taneli is a soon-to-graduate political science student pursuing another degree in international business. Taneli is driven by cross-disciplinary projects and he enjoys combining design thinking methods, future studies and creativity with his work. Despite his interest in technological and societal change Taneli loves slow food and slow books.