First there was FinTech, then BioTech and CleanTech… and now PeaceTech is here! Helsinki Think Company organizes the first PeaceTech idea accelerator program in Scandinavia this Summer. Join the brave and take peacebuilding to the 21st century!


League PeaceTech Program is a month-long idea accelerator for future change makers in the fields of peace and equality. During the program teams can take their existing ideas into action or create new solutions to the challenges provided by Crisis Management Initiative, Finn Church Aid, and Seta. It is planned to help you gain inspiration and skills to make difference with your academic knowledge. During the program you’ll gain the necessary knowledge to develop your team’s idea into a business in an inspiring and engaging environment. The program constitutes of intense coworking and workshops organized and supported by professionals and mentors in different fields.


PeaceTech, according to Stanford Peace Innovation Lab, means “any technology that can measurably increase positive engagement between two different groups of people across various different boundaries.” PeaceTech can be any solution that creates positive interaction between two opposite groups or it can tackle a specific crisis or situation in unstable societies.

Why Join?

Wars and instability in societies affect the world every day. Also inequality and polarization between different groups of people is increasing rapidly. Alternative facts create different realities and people want to focus on their own social circles rather than trying to to understand each other anymore. The World desperately needs new solutions that unite people and create positive engagement between groups.


During League PeaceTech program your team takes concrete steps in developing your idea towards piloting. You will network with leading professionals in the field and enhance your skills in problem solving, teamwork, and business development. The teams participating will pave the way for PeaceTech.


Application round is open until 1.7.2017. The program runs 3.7.-1.8. and the finale event is on Friday 4.8.


3.7. Setting the field 13-16

4.-5.7. Problems and solutions workshop 10-16

6.7.-1.8. Co-working and workshops Mon-Thu 10-16, workshops on Tuesdays and Thursdays

4.8. Finale event


CMI Challenge

Develop a solution or a concept that increases women’s role in the peace-processes. Often, women are expected to discuss on a limited set of ‘soft’ issues instead of ‘hard’ topics such as security arrangements.

Finn Church Aid Challenge

Develop a solution or a concept that enhances the dialogue between the members of various religious communities. How can communities better support each other in the instances of hate speech, crime, etc.?

Seta Challenge

The national curriculum of Finland states that “basic education [–] raises information and awareness about diversity of gender”. Develop a solution that brings the notion into practice.

Join us!

Who can apply?

Anyone interested in making peace with new technologies can apply with or without a team! We are looking for the freshest ideas in peacetech as well as a keen and future-oriented attitude! If you are interested in making the world a better place for everyone and have the thrive to make it happen, apply to League!


If you would like to use your knowledge and skills to create peace but you don’t have a team yet, don’t worry. Apply and we’ll match multidisciplinary teams from the suitable applicants. In your new team you’ll create a solution to a problem of your choice or develop an idea based on a challenge provided by CMI. Newly formed teams will join the team track after an intensive starting workshop. 


League’s Team Track is for enthusiastic teams who are in an early stage of concepting a peacetech solution. Whether your idea still needs a lot of polishing or is almost ready to work, apply to take part in the League program!

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  • Bootcamp starts on 3.7. and finishes on 4.8. with Finals.
  • The programme is open to all students, researchers or budding entrepreneurs with cross-disciplinary backgrounds
  • Participants are selected on the basis of a) the motivation and commitment b) the potential of the idea c) the ability to commit to the workshop schedule
  • As a participant your team commits to attending the workshops on the dates listed this site. Participation also requires independent working during the program in addition to the workshops, so make sure you have time for that!
  • The language of the programme is English, unless the entire group is Finnish speaking. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have perfect English skills to participate!
  • Programme is free for all participants.
  • Possible study credits can be negotiated with your faculty.
  • The ideas born and developed throughout the programme are entirely owned by the teams themselves.
  • Helsinki Think Company reserves the right to showcase teams and projects at their events. Photographs and video material can be taken during the programme and Think Company reserves the right to publish them in its channels.