LEAP is the Nordic Accelerator for impact-minded startups eager to develop their concept. LEAP consists of bootcamps which, like all beautiful things, come in threes: in Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen.
LEAP assists committed startups in developing their business concept as well as enhances teamwork skills and solution-oriented problem-solving in an interdisciplinary and international environment.


Finland, Sweden and Denmark have a lot in common. The Nordic welfare state is under construction and when more needs to be done with less resources, startups are answering the call. Scalable solutions are developed to tackle societal issues across fields where digitalization and lesser public spending are everyday challenges, such as education and healthcare. Solutions in renewable energy and sustainable consumption are in high demand. The limited market size in individual countries encourages startups to look abroad and with LEAP the startups get a promising kick start in internationalization!


The program is organized by Helsinki Think Company in tight collaboration with Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) and Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES). We all share a common goal: we want to make the world a better place. We believe entrepreneurship is a way to do just that and each of us boost startups locally in our own way. By connecting our local networks we build a regional community for startups looking for a home away from home. LEAP is one of many promising initiatives to bridge the gap between the Nordic countries. Together we can make a bigger impact and take the leap!


When entering a new market, there are plenty of matters to consider. What legal documents does our startup need? What should our marketing strategy be? Where do we find partners and office space? LEAP offers a chance for startups to test their entrepreneurial wings when they are leaving the nest for the first time. Think Company, CSE and SSES combine their forces in bringing quality content and a network to start with. After LEAP, the hurdle to scale abroad isn’t as scary anymore.


We are looking for dedicated startups with a scalable business solution. Your goal is to tackle a societal problem and your method to do it is socially, societally and environmentally sustainable. Your team’s business model is validated with paying customers (even just a few!) and/or with very promising results from a pilot. Your team is committed to making an impact on the world and scale abroad within the upcoming year. Two of your team members can commit fully to the program.


The teams are chosen by Helsinki Think Company based on the application form and interviews.
Application period ends on 24.4.2017.
The interviews are held on 25.4.2017 at 15:00-18:00 (please reserve this time slot) and teams are chosen on 26.4.2017.
Please read all rules and criteria below carefully prior to applying.

Take the LEAP and apply by filling in the application form!


LEAP is a 9-day accelerator program packed with relevant content from expert workshops to networking events and market testing. The chosen impact-minded startups participate in three consecutive Bootcamp trips in Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen. In all cities the teams learn to navigate in the foreign innovation ecosystem as well as where to work and network in the cities. Teams make valuable contacts and gain first hand knowledge of how to make an entry to another Nordic country, as they conduct validation of their concept in all three cities.

The days are fully-packed, so be prepared to work hard on your concept from intense workshops in the morning to meaningful networking in the evening! The program is designed for cocreation and to accelerate your team’s concept. Please note that the program is subjected to change.

Prior to the Bootcamps, a kick-off session on “Going Nordic” with Christian Lardot is organized in Helsinki on 3.5.2017 at 16:00-20:00, mandatory to all teams.

HELSINKI 15.-17.5

We kick-off LEAP in Helsinki and we hit the ground running. The main organizer of the program is Helsinki Think Company, which is the entrepreneurship society for the University of Helsinki – the biggest university in Finland. We take academics into action and inspire early-stage entrepreneurial activities.

MONDAY 15.5.2017
Pitching to perfection, Helsinki Think Company
Lunch hosted by Young Entrepreneurs
How to make an impact with business? Ville Luukkanen, Impact Iglu

TUESDAY 16.5.2017
How to create digital solutions people love? Hanno Nevanlinna, Futurice
Key Performance Indicators when going global: Pontus Stråhlman, FiBAN
HOP Summer kick-off networking event!

WEDNESDAY 17.5.2017
All things legal when scaling, Mäkitalo Rantanen

We end the Helsinki Bootcamp by hopping on a boat to Stockholm!

STOCKHOLM 18.-20.5

In the morning we arrive to Stockholm, where Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES) hosts us. SSES provides education, training and inspiration in applied interdisciplinary entrepreneurship to its five member universities in Stockholm, Karolinska Institutet (KI), the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), Stockholm University (SU) and the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack).

THURSDAY 18.5.2017
Welcome to Sweden and Welcome to SSES: A day to understand the Swedish Ecosystem and Design your entrepreneurial experience
Design thinking workshop with Usify

FRIDAY 19.5.2017
Visit innovation cathedrals in Stockholm
Push forward your business with pre-identified partner and client meetings
Did you say party night in Stockholm? Yes, at HOBO Hotel.

SATURDAY 20.5.2017
Hop on the train to Copenhagen
Independent work


We have arrived to Copenhagen from Stockholm by train. There we are hosted by Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) at Copenhagen Business School. It is the largest student incubator in Denmark today, offering young entrepreneurs from any university a free co-working space, free business coaching, mentors, workshops, legal and accounting advice.

SUNDAY 21.5.2017
Independent working
Opportunity for market-testing in the streets of Copenhagen

MONDAY 22.5.2017
Welcome to Copenhagen and CSE: Insights into mind-blowing marketing strategies in Denmark
Field visit to an innovation centre in Copenhagen
How to promote your product and make Danish people love it?
After-work networking

TUESDAY 23.5.2017
Field visit to see where to work and network in Copenhagen
Push forward your business with pre-identified partner and client meetings

Wrapping up the program, we hop on the plane back to Helsinki (arriving at 23:15 at Helsinki-Vantaa).



Auri Evokari
+358 50 555 3606
Partnerships and travel arrangements

Jarkko Nissinen
+358 45 631 0307
Applications and program

Host team
+358 44 722 9873
Vuorikatu 5

Rules and selection criteria

  • Application period ends on 24.4.2017 at 23:59. 
  • The most promising teams are interviewed on 25.4. at 15:00-18:00 and chosen teams are confirmed on 26.4. 
  • LEAP is an intense program running 15.-23.5.2017 mainly from 9:00-17:00, with networking events taking place in the evenings. The preparatory workshop is held in Helsinki on 3.5. at 16:00-20:00. A minimum of two people per team are required to attend the program. One of the selection criteria is that you commit to attend the workshops throughout the program. Due to the costs of the trip, we expect all selected teams to pay a 100 € commitment fee in order to guarantee a place in the program.
  • The program is open for all impact-minded student entrepreneurs, commercialized research teams and entrepreneurs with cross-disciplinary backgrounds 
  • In order to apply, you need to have at least a two-member team and a viable business idea
  • Selection criteria are: the motivation and commitment of a team, a validated business model in place (at least positive results from a pilot), the societal impact of the solution, the potential of the business idea and the ability to commit to the workshop schedule
  • The language of the program is English in Sweden and Denmark
  • Other than the commitment fee, the program, travel costs and accommodation are free for all participants. All meals are excluded. Possible student credits can be negotiated with your faculty. 
  • The ideas born and developed throughout the program are entirely owned by the teams themselves. 
  • Helsinki Think Company reserves the right to showcase teams and projects at their events. Photographs and video material might be taken during the program and Think Company reserves the right to publish them in its channels.