Thinking sustainable in terms of circular economy gives us tools to face the future of limited natural resources. This is the Night of Circular Solutions, which tackles four key challenges desperately in need of solutions for sustainability through circular economy.

So What’s the deal?

The Night of Circular Solutions presented by The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is an intensive one night adventure, where students and researchers from different majors and backgrounds get to take their academic know-how into action. During the night multidisciplinary teams will develop concrete solutions to current and actual circular economy issues.

The Night will consist of problem solving, meeting mentors and verifying developed ideas with facilitated assistance. The teams will be taken on an adventure across the beautiful centre of Helsinki, all ending in a spectacular final where the fine-tuned solutions will be presented. After a hard-working night and the crowning final at dawn, the morning continues with a chill-out seaside celebration to end the eventful night.

This Night is a side event to the World Circular Economy Conference in Helsinki, which presents the world’s best circular economy solutions. It gathers together the most recognised experts and decision makers to Finlandia Hall in Helsinki Finland on 5 to 7 June. We welcome all attendees to either participate or just join in the final and the celebration.

Where and when?

Across Helsinki city centre from Wednesday 6th 18:00 to Thursday 7th 6:00. Chill-out seaside celebration 6:00-9:00.

TAke part!

Apply by May 30th as an individual or with a team, we will team all the applicants up before the event! Hear out the challenges and pick the one you can solve. Think sustainable, applicable and inventive. Put academics into action under the midnight sun. Will you be done by dawn? Take up this challenge! This Night is free of charge and open to everyone who is interested in sustainable solutions and academics in action. You can also find us on Facebook.

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Lauri Reuter, Research Scientist, PhD at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

Reuter works on the future of food, ranging from plant cell cultures to vertical farms and from recombinant proteins to edible insects. He grows crickets in a laboratory and keeps honeybees in the centre of Helsinki while dreaming of food production systems on Mars.

Lilli Linkola, Project Manager at Green Building Council Finland

Linkola is an industrial ecologist by education, open data and open source advocate, part time hacker and a sustainability professional. Ask her anything related to built environment, successful circular economy projects, mushrooms, data, housing, air quality, systems thinking – she’ll probably know the answer!

Tarja Haaranen, Head of the Bioeconomy Unit at Ministry of the Environment

Equipped with a passion for developing sustainable food systems, Haaranen is specialized in nutrient recycling that will improve the health of water systems, reinforce food security and create new business opportunities.

Simon le Roux, Designer at Ministry of the Environment

Le Roux is an architect and sustainability specialist from Helsinki who grew up in South Africa. He believes that awareness of social and political inequality motivates a responsibility to prepare younger generations to critically evaluate the changes in their own living environment.

Niko Urho,  Ministeral Adviser at Ministry of the Environment

Urho is a ministry official in the field of global environmental issues,  aiming to bring harmony between men and nature.

Sirje Stén, Senior Officer at Ministry of the Environment

Alongside working with material economics and all things waste, Stén is passionate about recycling.

Paula Havaste, Theme Leader at Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre

Making a difference by science communication of circular economy, Dr. Havaste is interested in questions like how to to reach different target groups and how to present research in an exciting and enthusiastic way.

Matti Tähtinen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

A jack of all trades, master in some, Tähtinen is always eager to spar new ideas and learn more. He has done research, development and innovations related to renewable energy, circular economy and high variety of concepts.

Taina Nikula, Ministerial Adviser at Ministry of the Environment

Nikula is working with sustainable consumption and production and how to make the transition to resource-efficient and climate friendly Finland one step further.

Harri Hakaste, Senior Architect at Ministry of the Environment

A handyman of the management of sustainable building.

Kalle Uusitalo, Designer at Pöyry Finland

Uusitalo is a designer in municipal engineering specialized in water supply and sewerage. Also interested in stormwater management as well as winter swimming.

Sami Lähde, Co-Founder of Finsect

Entrepreneur working on bringing farmers onboard the insect revolution.

Anni Siltanen, Advisor at Kemianteollisuus

A specialist in talent and attraction. In her free time Siltanen is active in organisational work and trains for a half marathon.

Kati Suomalainen, Senior Adviser at Ministry of the Environment

Suomalainen is a marine and environmental biologist and a true nature lover. If you need to get the big picture, contact her.

Leena Vänskä, Process Designer at Pöyry Finland Oy

Vänskä is specialized in drinking water production and industrial wastewater treatment. She’s also interested in the possibilities of using sustainable ways in purification processes. Does wastewater always equal problem?


Heureka, How to get insects on to everyone’s dinner plate?

Aalto University, How to create take-back schemes for recycling in developing countries?, How to apply circular economy thinking to clean water resources?

Urban Academy, How to create temporary living solutions for students in existing, unutilised buildings?



Elina Viukari

Sally Weaver