The Baltic Sea is a truly exceptional, yet fragile natural environment that needs special protection. At the same time, the sea has great potential for sustainable business.

To combine protection with the development of the blue bioeconomy, were introducing DEEP a unique two-track challenge aiming to create sustainable business from the Baltic Sea.

Organised by Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Finnish Water Forum and Helsinki Think Company, DEEP is now calling for applications from teams ready to create concrete solutions for the following challenges:

Challenge 1: Sustainable business from the Baltic Sea

This track is aimed for teams of 2–5 persons with pre-existing business ideas in either (or both) of the following focus areas:

  • solutions for a cleaner Baltic Sea
  • new food and non-food products from fish, algae and aquatic plants.

Challenge 2: Better policies for the Baltic Sea

This track is aimed for individuals with a passion for better environmental policies.  Apply by yourself, and we’ll build a team for you. You’ll work together to develop or reform policies to create better opportunities for sustainable business from the Baltic Sea.


DEEP will support your team with tailored mentoring from dedicated content matter experts sourced from our large networks. The earlier you apply, the more time you will have to benefit from the mentorssupport.


The challenge will culminate in a weekend-long final in February 911 at Allas Sea Pool, an urban seaside oasis in the centre of Helsinki. The winners of the Sustainability challenge will be granted a monetary prize. Even more importantly, all of the teams will walk away with the right contacts and tools to make a true impact.


DEEP is open for all – researchers, students, entrepreneurs and other enthusiasts.

Apply to the Sustainability Challenge as a 2–5 person team with your pre-existing idea to both or either of the topics (cleaner Baltic Sea and marine food or non-food production). The ideas can be anything from functional practicality to the wildest of visions.

Apply to the Policy Challenge and we’ll create a team for you. All you need is a strong interest in environmental policies.

Submit your application below by January 29, 2018.