Medicine and health don’t always go hand in hand: Overdiagnosis poses a serious threat to human health, and medicine is both overused, misused and underused. Overtreatment burdens healthcare systems already battling with scarce resources, and it can even be harmful to individual patients.

In honour of the Too Much Medicine International Medical Symposium 2018 in Helsinki, we at Helsinki Think Company and Too Much Medicine Symposium are bringing together students to ideate how to make people understand that more medicine is not always better for them. By joining the challenge you will also receive free access to the exclusive Too Much Medicine Symposium as a volunteer.


14.–15.4 The Challenge begins with a workshop weekend in Terkko Health Hub located in Meilahti, Helsinki

18.4. Pitch training workshop

24.4 Teams pitch their ideas in a showcase event in Think Corner Lounge, Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki. 

Right after the showcase there is another event covering medical themes: the How less healthcare can (sometimes) be better for you: promoting high value care which is organized on the Main Stage of Think Corner.


Skills. By joining the challenge, you’ll experience working in a multidisciplinary team with an aim to develop solutions that will make real impact. You’ll develop both your coworking skills and substance knowledge, challenge your presentation skills, and most importantly, get to bring your academic knowledge  into action. Expert mentors will support you and your team throughout the challenge.

Access to the Too Much Medicine Symposium. All teams taking part in the Too Much Medicine Challenge will get to participate in the international Too Much Medicine Symposium 15.–17.8. in Helsinki as volunteers. This is a unique role you can’t apply for otherwise, and you will get access to the whole attend (regular ticket prize 550 euros) with a few hours of volunteer work. While gaining valuable volunteering experience in the exclusive world-class symposium, you’ll learn more about overdiagnosis and overtreatment and grow your network by meeting top scientists, speakers and other experts from all around the world. All teams will also get to share their solutions with the symposium community by writing a blog post on the Too Much Medicine Symposiums website.

To sum it up, attending to the Too Much Medicine Challenge includes:

    • Taking part in the challenge, including weekend workshops, pitch training and the showcase event.
    • Writing a blogpost about the team’s solution on the Too Much Medicine Symposium website.
    • Free ticket to the Too Much Medicine Symposium in August in exchange for a couple of hours volunteering.


Naturally, we need medical students to attend the Challenge. But as complex problems are best solved with multidisciplinary expertise, application is open for all university students. Are you passionate about healthcare? Interested in preventing overdiagnosis and overtreatment? Got insight on health related policies or want to raise awareness of these problems through science communication? All points of view are needed!

Possible solutions created during the challenge can for example be related to raising awareness, changing the attitudes of professionals and patients, reforming the healthcare system, regulating and evaluating industry and technology – or something completely different. The most important tools for success are motivation and an open mindset towards working together with people from various academic backgrounds.


You apply as an individual, and we’ll match you up with a fitting multidisciplinary team.
Submit your application by 6 April 2018 to join the Too Much Medicine movement.