Serendipity in Three Cute Packages

Helsinki Think Company is a communal co-working, meeting and networking space for all entrepreneurially minded people. At Helsinki Think Company you can work with your project, have a meeting, meet new people over a cup of coffee, take part in an event or organize one yourself.

The space is available outside opening hours upon request. The basic principles of Helsinki Think Company are openness and collaboration: we’re building a community here, not a network. When you share your ideas in every possible occasion, you will discover unexpected helpers, tips and contacts who take you forward.

Helsinki Think Company is open for everyone, including you. During opening hours one of the hosts is always around to answer your questions and get you started. We have a few ground rules: say hi to people, introduce yourself and make a pot of coffee or tea every now and then.


The concept is pretty simple: bring in your laptop, pick a seat and start working. The space has all the basic stuff needed at an office: wifi, coffee, whiteboards and flipcharts, markers, post-its and so on. You can use it solo or bring in a team.

The space is free to use. Clean up your own mess to keep everyone happy.

We recommend you leave us your contact information so you’ll be informed in case of exceptional opening hours, flood or other important issues.


Helsinki Think Company venues are open for all open, free events related to entrepreneurship, career choices and working skills, new business trends and so on.

Both Helsinki Think Company venues serve well as event spaces – at center and Meilahti for max. 50 people, at Viikki for max. 100 people. Host team is happy to help you with questions regarding event organizing. Space reservation can be requested via this form.

Key policy

If you’re a student at the University of Helsinki, it’s possible to get a 24/7 access key for Think Company Center and Viikki venues. Before giving out this access, however, we would like to get to know you a little. Contact the host team for further information.

Helsinki Think Company, Center

Vuorikatu 5
Open Mon-Fri 10.00–18.00




Helsinki Think Company, Viikki

Latokartanonkaari 3 (E-Building)
Open Mon-Fri 10.00–17.00



Helsinki Think Company, Meilahti

Haartmaninkatu 8, Biomedicum 1 (basement)
Open Tue-Thu 12.00–16.00, on Summer break starting from 12.5.2017 (reservations upon request)


At our Meilahti-venue, the Helsinki Think Company presence is more pop-up based: the co-working space called Basaari can be used for hosting events outside of lecture schedules in late afternoons and evenings until 8 pm. Our hosts are present on Tue-Thu 12–16 and during events. During other times the space is used by students for individual studying and group work.


Photos  Vuokko Salo