Academics to Action

Helsinki Think Company aims to bring academics to action. We create transformative action by combining real world problems, academic know-how and entrepreneurial action with an open multidisciplinary community. Check our idea accelerators and inspiring events!


Helsinki Think Company is the entrepreneurship society of the University of Helsinki. We nurture people who cross boundaries between research, activism and entrepreneurship. We are for the curious people who are eager to learn by doing and trying.  

Co-working Space

Helsinki Think Company is a place for coworking. The concept is pretty simple: bring in your own laptop, pick a seat and start working. The space has all the basic stuff needed at an office: wifi, coffee, whiteboards and flipcharts, markers, post-its and so on. You can use it solo or bring in a team.

3 Venues for Events

Helsinki Think Company has three different venues located in different campus areas: one in Center, one in Viikki, and one in Meilahti. They are all suitable for organizing workshops, keynotes and other events.

Our Journey

First Academics into Action Bootcamp takes place
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2013 May
Vuorikatu’s coworking space opens
Our Venues
2014 April
First Mini Challenge
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2014 August
Viikki’s coworking space opens
2014 June
Think Company association is founded
2015 April
First themed bootcamp: Health Bootcamp
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2015 October
First 4UNI Solution Competition
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2015 December
First Think Company Fund application round
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2016 March
Meilahti’s coworking space opens
2016 April
Bioeconomy Bootcamp in Viikki
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2016 June
First Lungi Summer Program
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Action Map

Why join?

The Curious

The Curious are constantly searching for ways to change their surroundings but the paths for fulfilling this goal are still vague. The activities and the vibrant community provide you inspiration and chances to meet and work with like-minded people. The activities thrive on bridging the gap between knowledge and action and to give necessary competences, support and structure for taking

the first step from knowing into action.

The Experimenters

The Experimenters are working on to realize their vision. This is where you work on your own projects and concepts to get them out there in the world for real. Besides relying on your peers, it means working with mentors and partners. To proof the potential of an initiative experiments & prototypes with real people and first customers are being carried out. The team and its competence are consciously being built up.

Through working hands on to realize your ideas and attending special trainings, you gain more action competence, entrepreneurial skills, business  knowledge and impact thinking.

After taking part in these activities you really know how to make it happen.

The Impact seekers

The Impact seekers seek to scale up the impact of their action. To support that, various service providers within the University of Helsinki and Enterprise Helsinki provide professional consultation, tools and networks for figuring out issues from funding to legal matters. As an Impact seeker you cross and re-cross the boundaries between researchers, activists and entrepreneurs – you transcend the public and the private and change what we regard normal. The outcomes of your action may vary from new companies to product and service innovations with partners and to groundbreaking projects in the public sector. The backbone of the Impact seekers lies in the academic and action oriented community that is constantly inspiring them to find new approaches and solutions.

Home of the Change Makers

We start from wicked problems and aim at fast solutions. Helsinki Think Company is a tool for achieving the shared goal: to create impact in the society. We create transformative action by combining real world problems, academic know-how and entrepreneurial action with an open multidisciplinary community. Helsinki Think Company nurtures people who cross boundaries between research, activism and entrepreneurship.

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