4UNI Competition Ultrahack Workshop


The teams of 4UNI Idea Competition gathered for the final workshop in NewCo Helsinki. Ultrahack, the holders of the workshop, have their office at NewCo. Ultrahack is one of the best hackathons in Europe with participants all the way from Nigeria and the Philippines.


The topic of the workshop was digital solutions and Ultrahack had done a great job gamifying the experience. “This puts me into a competitive mood!”, Hanna from team SparCo commented. Teams went one by one to the Ultrahack hosts and presented their ideas. Then they iterated during the two hour session and earned points from each progressive step they took.


The teams had an intensive challenge in coming up with quick solutions to the questions and challenges the judges posed. All the teams exhibited ability to iterate and make small pivots quickly.


In the end team Kurnia managed to collect the most points and took home amazing Ultrahack t-shirts!

4UNI FINAL coming up next week’s Friday (25th of November) at 5pm in Tiivistämö, Suvilahti, followed by a ridiculous all-night Berlin style techno party. Get your free ticket now if you haven’t done so yet!