4UNI recap

The 4UNI solution competition offered unique solutions to tackle problems in theme frameworks such as Future of Work, Health Gap and World Changers. The teams worked hard for two months, and the best seven pitched their idea on Tiivistämö’s stage for our prestigious jury. The jury, namely Henna Keränen (Sitra), Nils Lagerström (FiBAN), Tuula Palmén (Health Capital Helsinki), Marja Hohti (Mäkitalo Rantanen) and Inka Mero (entrepreneur, angel investor), chose Kurnia as the winner of 4UNI 2016.

The winner team Kurnia will set their sights on Shanghai in April and will continue developing their solution further. Our top 3 teams, Kurnia, Ala and Tribesy as well as Mukula, were also spotted in Slush! The 4UNI teams are now taking their next steps and looking eagerly to the future. ALA, Mukula, Hank’s Friends, SparCo. and the winner Kurnia are looking for partners, mentors, team members and experience, to boost their teams!

Here is our recap of the seven finalist teams:


ALA has created a solution for the future of work that will change your perceptions on traditional job hunting. ALA’s easy-to-use service helps companies in finding new aspiring talents for their projects. At the same time, freelancers and other self-employers are able to create a career through interesting projects.

Hank’s friends

We’re Hank’s friends. We’re here to make quitting smoking fun. Once you decide to quit smoking Hank becomes your best friend: attach him to your pack of cigarettes and always carry the pack with you. He isn’t only a cute friend who keeps you away from your habit. He is also about mindfulness: Hank is equipped with a booklet that has instructions on how to act when you feel like giving up on your commitment to quitting. Th next time you feel like smoking, Hank will be there to remind you of your decision and boost your motivation.


Even though digitalisation swipes over school curricula, home economics education doesn’t use all the available potential digitalisation provides. At the same time, young people living on their own for the first time feel that they lack important skills when it comes to healthy eating. Kurnia is a fun and addictive game that revolutionizes how young people learn better eating habits. Players gain useful cooking skills in a fun, creative and social way. Kurnia gamifies cooking as Pokémon Go did walking! Cooking becomes a game: you advance by earning medals, cooking different kinds of meals and sharing photos on social media.


Mukula is a modern marketplace for local food producers. Mukula makes locally grown and produced food more visible and easier to reach for everyone. Mukula’s service makes sustainable consumption easy and flexible. Mukula brings local food where it should be, at everyone’s reach.


SparCo. is here to create more social and encouraging sports culture. SparCo.’s solution helps you to find your sports buddy! Your buddy can introduce you to new sport or simply help you up from the sofa! If you are skilled in your discipline or have energy to share, you can help your SparCo. buddies to achieve their goals! SparCo.’s team consists of experts in health, psychology and social sciences. SparCo. makes doing sports exciting!


According to our research 100 % of students procrastinate occasionally. When your studies are in a pinch, Tribesy will save you! We place our trust in the power of tribes by making time and task management social. With the help of Tribesy you can visualize your own tasks and track your own and others’ progress. The app helps you visualize your tasks and makes it possible to communicate with others working on the same task. Tribesy provides peer pressure and support for everyone wrestling with procrastination, but lone wolves will also benefit from our tool.

Find your study tribe!


Tutka is a service that changes the culture of volunteer work. We want to make finding volunteer positions easier: our service brings together people offering their time and organisations needing volunteers. Set your radar (tutka) on and find your way to change the world!

4UNI 2.0 grew larger in terms of its size, intensity and reach. 4UNI 2016 participants represented 11 different universities and 39 majors – and 70% of the participants were female. Teams participated in 10 workshops, two per week on average, covering various themes, such as design thinking, startup culture, funding, pitching and more. Together the semifinals and final attracted an audience of 400 people, not forgetting the epic after party with 500 attendees.

In January 2017, 50 % of 4UNI 2016 teams continue working on their solutions. Think Company continues its dedicated development of its flagship programme 4UNI even further.