August Community Superhero Team

In August we have three Community Superheroes instead of one, so we have a Superhero Team for the first time! This awesome team consists of team members of Think Company born team Loimu. They make an excellent superhero team and will provide us some exciting new experiences this month.

But who are these marvelous Superheroes?

Katariina brings her wisdom to the team. She is very empathetic and wants to see the good in people. As a music scientist she knows her way with people and emotions.

Mari lights up the room with her presence and tries to make everyone around her inspired by life. She studies media and communications and therefore she’s always excited to try new ways of documenting and representing things. 

Henry has a big heart and he’ll make you laugh with his great sense of humor. He is always ready to help with any computer related problems as he studies Algorithms and Machine Learning. 


They are super strong by them selves but together and as a team they are even stronger. They don’t support only each other but everyone and every team around them. 

We had a privilege to meet these Superheroes last Autumn in 4UNI Solution Competition and welcome them to our community. The intensive 2 months at 4UNI were only a beginning of a journey for their idea and their friendship. This Summer they’ve been working with their idea in Boost Turku’s Start up Journey.

As a team they are passionate about making difference in society. They want to help with their knowledge, and make this world a better place to live. Their team Loimu is creating a mobile application for people with bipolar disorder to help them track the early warning signs, and predict when an episode is about to start.

You can find our August Community Superheroes either at Vuorikatu or Viikki working with a good team spirit. If you can hear laughter from the kitchen, you’ll know they’re in the house.


This month is going to be adventurous. First, our Superheroes are taking us to play one of the best outdoor games in the world: Catch the Flag. Then at the end of the month we’re in for a treat with a mysterious adventure. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook!

Community Superheroes are active members of our community. They organize cool events for the community members to enjoy and to bring us closer together. Would you like to become a Superhero? Contact us and we’ll make it possible!