Caliph in the Caliph’s place


In Helsinki Think Company we value things like great attitude, an urge to learn and a strong will to have and impact. These things are pretty important to us especially when we’re hiring new team members, and we’re happy to announce that once again we have found awesome people to join us.

As Elina Uutela moves towards new challenges, Henri Virta will take her place as the student captain of Helsinki Think Company. One of our hosts, Niina Sarén, will conquer England next year and due to this we have hired two amazing people to replace her – Jasmina Toivonen and Rosa Salmivuori.

We have and exciting year of 2015 ahead of us, and our team is stronger than ever. Bring it on!


HenriHenri Virta

Student Captain


Henri is a student of both Aalto University and University of Helsinki, specializing in world politics and economics. He wants to make Think Company an even more inspiring place and community for starting entrepreneurs, curious students and aspiring researchers alike.



JasminaJasmina Toivonen



I’m Jasmina, a communication student from University of Helsinki. I did my minor of Entrepreneurship at VU University Amsterdam and minor of Marketing at Aalto University. I love seeing people turning good ideas into something real, creating value out of it, and hearing them asking “why not” instead of “why”. That´s what fascinates me most when it comes to entrepreneurship.



RosaRosa Salmivuori



Rosa is a Social and Cultural Anthropology student at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She is a motivated team worker who gets easily excited about new ideas. She wants to step out of her comfort zone frequently because it’s where the magic happens. Rosa loves people, dancing and New York City. She sees entrepreneurship as a way of making a difference both in local and global fields.