During a time of strong globalization-, cross national cooperation,- and free market economy it is rather striking to notice how an international crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, highlights the importance of the nation state and along with it the public sector. When push comes to shove people seem to flock to the public sector and trust its abilities to offer solutions and clear guidelines. This, of course, is quite understandable since especially in Finland does the public sector play a major role in the life of every citizen from cradle to grave. It would however be strategically wise to also include the private sector and the opportunities it brings to the table in solving the current – or any – future crisis. Though not only in the hopes to find solutions to sudden and acute societal problems, but also to change the world in general. We at Helsinki Think Company believe that through multidisciplinary teamwork and by connecting people from different fields we’ll be able to create possibilities and solutions to everyday problems as well as global crises.

Global poverty has for example through entrepreneurial opportunities and a free market economy met a worthy opponent. The public sector has of course a responsibility to guarantee and maintain an even playing ground for the aforementioned factors to be able to function properly. The credit of this type of social development belongs to those individuals who have managed to lift themselves – in many cases several others as well – out of unfavorable circumstances and of course to those who have made that possible through legislation. Entrepreneurship is an exceptionally efficient way to change the world and something that should be widely more utilized. An excellent example of utilizing entrepreneurship is the leading startup campus in the Nordics, Maria01. In their impact report you’ll find enlisted everything they’ve managed to achieve within only three short years: 

A rather good case of said untapped opportunities is the current pandemic were facing: In fighting against it we have largely socially distanced ourselves from the help of the private sector. But wouldn’t we be stronger with a more inclusive approach combining the great minds of both the public- and private sector? Because of this, we are once again helping out promising startups in which we see potential by giving out grants. The grants are meant for teams and individuals stemming from our community that have a promising business idea with the time and commitment to execute it. If you want to make a positive impact through entrepreneurship, we’d encourage you to apply. The application period is open until the 30th of May. For more information, visit:

We here at Helsinki Think Company strongly believe in entrepreneurship and the potential it withholds: it can, it has and it will change the world. The most efficient way to change the world is to include everybody in the process. What have we got to lose?


Teksti: Matleena Inget & Jaakko Oleander-Turja