Community Superhero of the Month – July 2016


Olli Ohls, our July Community Superhero is a super person. He is studying to become a teacher, currently working at Hello Ruby, organizing an education-themed hackathon in October, as well as starting his own business as a mental coach. Curiosity is the driver that constantly pushes him to improve his skills and knowledge in different fields.

Ever since he started studying at the University of Helsinki, he’s been interested in doing concrete things and taking part in challenging projects. That’s how he found Oppimo (peer learning program), one of the cooperatives using Think Company’s venues. After being introduced to the Vuorikatu co-working space he started using it as a homebase for working. In the fall of 2015 he took part in Helsinki Think Company’s 4UNI Solution competition, and was drawn into Think Company’s action even more.

He sees Think Company as a potential place for all students with a curious mindset. Think Company gives people an opportunity to do cool and meaningful things, learn about their expertise and deepen their knowledge along with their studies by taking things to action as well as being a meeting point for like-minded individuals.

kuva1Olli uses Think Company’s venues mainly during the evenings when he’s most efficient. You can always find Olli participating in Think Company’s social activities with a smile on his face.

This month our Community Superhero activity is taking us away from Helsinki Think Company’s own venues. Olli thinks it’s important to do things as a community in new places creating shared experiences doing fun stuff outdoors. Olli takes us kayaking on Monday 18th of July. Think Company will provide a small discount for community members. More info and registration coming up soon!