Latokartanonkaari 3
Latokartanonkaari 3, Helsinki


01 Apr 2019


16:00 - 18:00

Direct Climate Action – Introduction and Discussion

Organiser: Helsingin yliopiston Maan ystävät (HYMY) / Friends of the Earth
Helsinki University

Participants: 15-25

As the climate urgency advances and governments’ climate policies are ever further from the 1,5 degree limit, the global climate movement has been taking bolder steps to protect our future. After thousands of marches, petitions and campaigns, more and more people are drawn to more concrete means. Direct action, civil disobedience, non-violent mass action – what is all of this about and what would be its role in the climate movement? Learn more and share your thoughts in our discussion evening at the campus!

We will start with an introductory presentation about direct action and forest activism, followed by discussions in small groups and finally in a bigger circle. The idea is to get people thinking and talking, but active participation is not required.

The language of the event is English, but in case there’s a term you don’t understand or you feel more comfortable expressing yourself in Finnish, translation can be provided.