Haartmaninkatu 4
Haartmaninkatu 4, Helsinki


21 Mar 2018


10:00 - 12:30

How to Protect Your Innovation? Patents and IPR in Life Sciences & Health

How can you protect your ideas and inventions? What kind of inventions
can be patented? What’s the difference between patenting,
trademarking, and licensing?

Register for our training on Wednesday March 21, 2018 to find out how
to protect your life science or health innovations and how to
differentiate your ideas from others. The training is organized by
Health Capital Helsinki and NewCo and it is free of charge.

Marjut Borgenström, PhD, is an Associate Partner and European Patent
Attorney (Biology) at Kolster Oy. Mrs. Borgenström has worked at
Kolster since 2002, and she has dealt with patent applications of
several Finnish biotech companies. Mrs. Borgenström has broad
experience in patents related to gene technology, immunology, and
utilization of stem cells in medical applications.

In this training, you will get a good overview of intellectual
properties (IP), as well as different forms of IP protection. We will
go through the basic principles of obtaining patent protection, with a
special emphasis on life science inventions.

The training will cover following topics:
•       Different forms of IP protection
•       Patentable inventions: what can be patented; some national
•       Patentability criteria and exceptions to patentability
•       Examples of patentable life science inventions
•       Where, when, and why to apply for a patent?
•       Estimated cost to apply for patents
•       Who can apply for a patent?

Organiser: NewCo Helsinki and Terkko Health Hub

Estimated amount of participants: