Haartmaninkatu 4
Haartmaninkatu 4, Helsinki


19 Sep 2019


17:30 - 19:00

Humanitarian work with MSF

Organizer: Lääkärit ilman rajoja (Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF)

Estimated Number of participants: 40-60


Info Evening: Supply Chain Management and HR Management in focus

Did you know you don’t have to be a doctor to work with us? In this info evening we’re focusing on supply chain management and HR management!

What things to consider when ordering vaccines for measles vaccination campaign in South Sudan? How to ensure cold chain when distances are long and electricity is not available? How to organise payroll for 500+ staff in a country where internet banking is not possible? You will get answer to these and many other questions when our experienced field workers in supply chain and HR management share their experiences! Johanna Linder and Linda Konate will tell about their typical working day and share what motivates them to continue working for MSF.

Johanna works as Supply Chain Officer in Brussels Head Quarters. Before moving to head quarter position, Johanna worked in Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Liberia in different SCM roles. Linda is the current Country Director for MSF Finland and has worked in Liberia, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Afghanistan as HR Manager.

The Info Evening will be organised on Thursday 19th September at 17.30–19.00 in Terkko Health Hub in Meilahti, Helsinki (Haartmaninkatu 4). The event will be held in English. You are warmly welcome!

MSF Finland HR Manager Kaisa Loikkanen and other office staff are present and available for questions.

Read more about SCM in our web pages in Finnish: https://laakaritilmanrajoja.fi/hae-avustustyontekijaksi/etsimamme-ammattilaiset/muut-ammattilaiset/toimitusketjun-hallinnan-ammattilainen/

You can find more information in English here: https://www.msf-azg.be/en/supply

Read more about HR profiles in our pages in Finnish: https://laakaritilmanrajoja.fi/hae-avustustyontekijaksi/etsimamme-ammattilaiset/muut-ammattilaiset/henkilostohallinnon-vastaava/

You can find more information in English here: https://lakareutangranser.se/en/work-with-us/assignments/administrator

Can’t make it to the event? Please leave your contact details to receive recording of the event: https://laakaritilmanrajoja.fi/info-evening-supply-chain-management-and-hr-management-in-focus/

Any questions? Please contact HR Manager Kaisa Loikkanen kaisa.loikkanen@helsinki.msf.org