Yliopistonkatu 4
Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki


12 Apr 2019


18:00 - 22:00

LoudSpring Impact Event

Organiser: LoudSpring

Participants: 60-100

To celebrate the release of the Loudspring Impact Report for 2018, Loudspring and Spark Sustainability are hosting an Impact Afterwork from 6pm on the 12th of April and you and your company need to be there.

Our affects on the environment as individuals and businesses are significant. Our methods of production and habits of consumption have put the planet on a collision course with climate catastrophe and many other negative consequences. But all hope is not lost, not if we seek to better understand our impacts and learn about the tools and techniques for reducing these impacts.

You as an individual and you as a company or organisation can do so much better.

This afterwork is all about helping you begin the journey.

The afterwork event will start at 6pm and feature keynote presentations from experts in the filed of impact reporting and environmental action. The goal of the evening is to help people understand what is at stake and what it is they can begin to do about it.

‘Hope’ for solutions is not enough, what the world needs is action.

Be there and learn how to make a real difference.