Yliopistonkatu 4
Yliopistonkatu 4, Helsinki


13 Feb 2019


14:00 - 16:00

SHARING ECONOMY – unlocking the potential between the Netherlands and Finland

Organisation: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Participants: 40-60

The sharing economy has stirred a lot of discussion in the media during recent years, and the phenomenon has shared opinions. The discussion started with optimism and great promises: The sharing economy was going disrupt old industries, and make societies environmentally more sustainable as buying of goods is replaced by sharing. Later, the discussion has received a substantially more pessimistic tone as the most prominent actors associated with the phenomenon have been conducting business in ethically questionable ways, and few of the sustainability promises have been realized. How to unlock the full potential of sharing economy in a sustainable manner?

In the Finland – Netherlands sharing economy collaboration colloquium, we aim to promote the original promises of the sharing economy by organizing a networking event for entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers and NGOs. We bring together different kinds of sharing economy actors to discuss the current state of sharing economy, create growth and internationalization opportunities for the entrepreneurs and to discuss how sharing economy should be regulated to ensure its contribution to a more sustainable society. Due to the
goal of promoting environmental sustainability while unlocking the potential of sharing economy, we focus on business models that aim to make better use of existing assets. The new models of consuming, owning and trading – and their implications for the society as a
whole – will be under discussion from both academic and entrepreneurial points of view.

The event is organized simultaneously in the Embassy of Finland in TheHague & the Embassy of the Netherlands in Helsinki, and there be a live video stream between the two venues. The speakers come from both Finland and the Netherlands representing the different audiences
present in the event.