Finishing LEAP

After the full days at Stockholm at least we Pänttää boys felt ourselves exhaustedly full of thoughts. The weekend gave us a good chance to review what we’d learned so far while exploring sunny Copenhagen. After fashionable Stockholm Danish people seemed laid back and relaxed. We rode swan boats, cheered up runners participating in the local marathon and we lost the feelings of hurry for a while.

Monday came as fast as birthdays for the middle-aged and we started our Copenhagen leg in the morning with Dorthea Haldrup Nielsen’s  introduction to Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE). Britta Ravn’s presentation on marketing to Danes followed and our thoughts of Danes as friendly and humorous people got confirmation. Oliver Rosendal from Vinia Media gave us a useful tip: when marketing to locals, find a Dane. This makes sure that the self-irony much appreciated by locals is used correctly. 

During the afternoon we visited Singularity University Denmark and fell in love with the place. Spacious halls and cozy working rooms formed an inspiring place to work and all the people we met there along with’s Sarah Sara Green Brodersen proved us that we are here to help others and make the world a better place together.

Contacts are made to be shared and networks are meant to be used. Sund HUB’s father Martin Justesen gave us an inspiring presentation on how building a hub close to customers helps out finding, evaluating and solving the problems that specific customer segment suffers of. Monday came to a close after ITEO’s workshop on how to build an app which was held at Univate, the co-working venue at the University of Copenhagen.

The last day of Leap started at Symbion, with Lasse’s and Christian’s introduction to Vaeksthus which is a local partly government-funded consultancy company for startups. With melancholy we realised how all the good things, like Disney movies, come to an end. We wrapped up the program at CSE with feelings of enthusiasm but also with sadness. During the nine days of LEAP we came close to each other but like most of the boys, we didn’t cry when we Pänttää boys said farewells to others and left for the train station for Lubeck when rest of the group took their way to the hostel and airport heading back to Finland.

All the teams got a lot to take home. Holda grew as a team and did a lot of customer interviews on the streets. Host my pet did loads of qualitative interviews with dog owners in parks but they also acclaimed many contacts to use with marketing to locals for example.

We at Pänttää met local students and found concrete steps to conquer the Nordics but also gained a lot of insight on what to do back in Finland. In total LEAP was an unforgettable experience and gave us a lot, from new contacts to valuable learnings in the workshops. With humble hearts but aims up high we continue our way on making the world a better place.