Health Bootcamp is on – meet the teams!

Perspiration, some desperation and heaps of inspiration – that’s what Helsinki Think Company in Viikki was filled with last Saturday. The six teams of Health Bootcamp, a month-long idea accelerator for health-related businesses, got together for the first time for eight intense hours of crystallizing their business ideas.

The international teams vary a lot in terms of academic background, startup experience and the idea itself. Their day consisted of e.g. composing ideas, testing them, building understanding of stakeholders, opposing other teams and finally, pitching the ideas. For some, the pitch exercise at the end of the day was a child’s play. Others bravely gave their first pitch ever and succeeded brilliantly. Below, you can familiarize yourself with all the teams:

Feed of Me wants to make consuming internet content, like this blog post, possible for everyone.

Feed of Me

Reading media content is difficult or even impossible for billions of people around the world, due to disablities like sight loss, illiteracy and functional illiteracy. Feed of Me wants to make internet content accessible for everyone by turning readable text and data into audible voice in multiple languages. The content is collected from the users’ social media platforms as well as news and entertainment sites and spiced up with their own music selection. Feed of Me also serves drivers, as using a mobile device while driving is illegal in most jurisdictions.

Light Reactor

Current protein production processes are decades old and desctructive to the environment. Light Reactor provides new, extremely accurate methods of protein production control that are cost-effective and less toxic. The team consists of two academic researchers, and Light Reactor’s tools are based on their recent research. The team aims to develop novel biotechnological tools for life science applications. In addition to academic researchers, potential end-users include industrial companies, such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and agriculture, paper and pulp industry, and cleantech businesses.

Host Taneli (on the right) kept the spirits up.


Kurnia wants to revolutionize the way people learn to cook. The multidisciplinary team, with strong roots in nutritional science, is developing a fun game to teach young people nutritionally better cooking skills and habits. At the same time, they are also looking to reduce public healthcare costs by solving problems related to obesity and poor cooking skills. Kurnia also won Helsinki Think Company’s 4UNI Solution Competition in 2016.

SeniCognator Science

Cognitive ability decline in senior citizens is a huge personal and social problem, anticipated to produce the costliest crisis in health care in the future.  The international team of SeniCognator Science, with a background in neuroscience and public health, aims to tackle this challenge by providing personalized treatments based on biomedical profile and inclusive factors. The users are motivated to develop a healthy lifestyle with cost-effective options, simultaneously improving their quality of life and reducing the social and economic burdens.


The need for psychotherapy is on the rise, yet the process of finding a psychotherapist is as arduous and time-consuming as ever. YourMind tackles the growing problem by providing an online market place for psychotherapy providers and thus simplifying the search process. Through a digital booking service, the user can easily search for a psychotherapist based on location, price, type of therapy offered, language of service, and various other criteria. The services reaches out to two groups of customers: both potential psychotherapy clients and psychotherapy providers looking for new clients.

Team Norppa receiving feedback on their app ideas from other teams.


Sitting is the new smoking, states team Norppa that aims to combat the national sitting problem with a fun, playful app to help reduce harmful sedentary time and increase health. Using Norppa is easy: you download the app, create a character, set your goals and stop sitting! Meanwhile, the app offers you motivational messages and feedback as well as real life rewards, such as discount codes, for reaching goals. As prolonged sedentary time among young people and adults is a growing health threat all over the world, potential customers are everywhere.

Next up is accelerating the ideas with professional mentors and a Health Bootcamp trip to Berlin 16.-19.3.2017!

Health Bootcamp is a  month-long idea accelerator for budding world-changers. During the program, teams get to network and develop their ideas in workshops organized and supported by professionals and mentors. The aim is to take concrete steps towards piloting and establishing a company in the health and science business.