Have you ever wondered what we actually do at Helsinki Think Company? 

Well, we are a community of entrepreneurs, students, researchers and impact seekers – you name it. Although our community is very diverse, we all have something in common: a curious mind and the will to change the world for the better. 

Our daily life consists of providing coworking spaces for anyone interested in entrepreneurship. In addition to our coworking spaces, we organize events, workshops and programs where one can learn working life skills and meet inspirational people. We strongly believe in the power of bringing together different kind of people with different kind of backgrounds. Co-creation is one of our core values.

The upcoming spring 2020 is going to be full of encounters, and making an impact: we are organizing 4 amazing programs for anyone to attend for free. Take a look at Helsinki Think Company’s upcoming programs, pick one and accelerate your skills, thoughts and ideas to the next level! This spring is the optimal time to turn your project into reality and give yourself some food for thought.

Programs – Spring 2020

Do Empathy

Do Empathy is a three-day challenge focused on co-creating empathic solutions and reducing hate speech in society. The challenge brings together passionate people from diverse backgrounds and provides them with the tools to make a real difference.

Application period: 26 February – 26 March 

WHO: Anyone passionate about increasing spreading empathy: students, researchers, entrepreneurs, refugees, activists… Apply individually or as a team.

WHEN: 3 – 5 April 2020, Terkko Health Hub

Program content: Facilitated workshops and tailored mentoring from content experts over the weekend. The weekend culminates with every team pitching their concepts and solutions to the judges.

*Engagement level2

Mutiny – Impact accelerator

Mutiny is a cutting-edge accelerator program for early-stage teams working towards a change for better. You have a business idea with either scalable global or significant local impact – Mutiny provides you with the right skills, connections and environment to put your idea into action and make a change.

Application period: 24 February – 20 March 

WHEN: March – May 2020: 6-week program

WHO: Early stage teams with impactful and ambitious ideas.

Program content: 13 themed workshops led by experts from one’s field,13 workshops led by the experts, mentoring and hands on support, followed up by an incubation phase for the rest of the year. Mutiny showcase will be the grand ending for the whole accelerator on 14th of May. At the Showcase, finalist teams will pitch their impactful ideas to the judges and audience at Maria01. 

*Engagement level: 5

Terkko Health X

Terkko Health X is an ambitious early stage accelerator program for health and life science teams with the potential to reshape the industry. You’ve got an idea – Terkko Health X provides you with the right skills and tools to take that concept to the market. With solutions ranging from digital health to diagnostics and beyond, the program is open for all early-stage teams of 2–5 mavericks, from established young businesses to not-yet entrepreneurs and scientists willing develop startups.

Application period: 3 March to 5 April

WHEN: April – May 2020: 6–week program

WHO: For early-stage health and life sciences teams of 2–5 members

Program content: 13 expert-led workshops covering all scaling fundamentals from business model canvas to business development.  The whole accelerator program culminates on 29th of May at Terkko Health Hub, when the finalist teams will showcase their ideas to judges and audience.

*Engagement level: 5

Hack For Society

Hack for Society is a five-week challenge that brings together researchers, politicians and students to develop research based solutions to social issues. In addition to producing concrete, scalable solutions, the program also creates valuable dialogue between science and political decision-making.

Application period: Application open now for politicians and researchers. Student application period starts soon.

WHEN: April – May 2020: 5-week program

WHO: For city councilors, researches and students who believe that research based solutions can have an impact in society

Program content: 9 facilitated workshops led by content matter experts in the field. The program is held in Finnish.

*Engagement level4

*Engagement level: 1–5

  1. One day
  2. Weekend
  3. Week
  4. Multiple weeks
  5. ~Two months

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text: Liisa Lehkonen