LUNGI Final Demo Day!

LUNGI Summer Program Final Demo Day Teams!

Today is the final demo day of Helsinki Think Company’s very first summer program, Lungi. We have had altogether 18 teams going through the program and here are the 10 teams pitching in the final demo day! (Order is random, does not represent the pitching order.)

Helsinki_Think_Company_blog_JOBINFilipe (a biologist) joined forces with Tuomas (a graphic designer) to provide a service to create a new type of publication: citable and peer-reviewed infographics. They will launch the Journal of Brazilian Infographics (JOBIN) that will revolutionize the way science is published, read, and shared in Brazil! They will serve the needs of scientists, partner with local publishers, and reach both academia and the general public to increase the visibility and impact of the Brazilian science.


Cabu is an anthropological detective agency which helps companies and other organisations to implement a human-centered approach to their business. By digging deep into the everyday realities of organisations we want to enhance their understanding of their culture and create sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.

LeaderpoolLeaderpool’s vision is to help migrate from the cultural of sameness-thinking to a culture of difference-thinking. Our mission is to create a new approach to diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs – with an original focus on gender diversity – from a blindly‑mandated process to one that is informed and engaging.

There is existing and emerging material on the topic, which mostly comes in the form of text (books, papers etc.) We will curate and cook up this content in a visual, anytime-anywhere, and easy-to-consume way for the leaders and employees of the companies that have a mandate or an interest in diversity programs.

Academic Bubble
Jarkko-ABViljami-ABAcademic Bubble is a scientific e-publication that brings high-quality scientific debate and professional journalism available to everyone. Team member: Viljami Vuorento & Jarkko Lagus

GasCow is currently developing circular economy service business- in exceptional way by taking biowaste of developing countries and turning this waste into highly essential energy and fertilizers. Our target customers are SME’s that are having issues with biowaste disposal and energy delivery

UrbanGoWe are two geographers eager to change the way people experience the city. For some, public space has become the grey background for everyday movement from point A to B but we want to stop them to look around, explore and maybe even get a bit lost! Our solution: a mobile app where the user can pick a map of their choice from historical maps to beautiful descriptive ones. The GPS information shows where you are wandering around and the links on the map provide you information and old photographs of the buildings. We find the timing of Suomi 100 -program suitable for our project.

Tetistä tutuksiOur campaign helps young people to get to know changing working life and find their interests and TET work places more efficiently. We are there where youngsters hang out so our channel to convey inspiring career videos is through Snapchat, Instagram etc. We offer a marketing platform for companies who want to show career opportunities for the future hopes.

BulkFoodWe are an environmentally conscious team that consists of a geographer, designer and an IT-expert. We want to promote environmentally friendly food and make it easily accessible to everyone. That’s why our idea is to bring it to your neighborhood in a bulk food truck straight from the local farmers! Just bring your own jars and other containers and enjoy your fresh food without producing any waste!

Host My Pet
Host My PetHost My Pet – Online service where you can find qualified and trusted sitters for your pet, who care for your pet as much as you do.

Surely everyone who has spent longer periods of time in a foreign country can relate to the problem of language barriers and lack of social networks. Team skloddit offers to mediate this issue in Finland by matching natives and non-finnish speakers over a dinner. The solution of Linda, Oona, Saara and Helin provides cultural learning and local contacts to people eager to master Finnish language, while the native hosts can expand their horizons in the comfiness of their own home.