LUNGI team JOBIN makes knowledge visible for all

Hi there! We are Filipe & Tuomas – biologist & graphic designer and our team was chosen to participate in the LUNGI Summer Program’s Idea Accelerator with six other great teams. We can say that this experience has been thrilling and super useful, and we are extremely glad to share some of the stories and tips related to our company’s journey!



We have been designing the Journal of Brazilian Infographics (JOBIN), the first of its kind in Brazil. Time, money and ideas have been largely wasted in academia because as much as 1/3 of the papers are never cited. Most are cited only 1 time. The major problem is visibility!

Our solution is to increase visibility and citations of researchers by providing a service to scientists to produce high-quality visual publications of their scientific results that will reach large audiences, including funding agencies and law makers. We will use citable infographics (DOI code) in the format of a visual paper. Infographics is an effective method to deliver information as people comprehend flow of images arranged in a story thousands of times faster than through long texts full of scientific jargons. Currently, text is the major way to spread knowledge in academia, but we will change that! We will use images to do that work and so to engage more people in science. A revolution in the way we publish, read, and share science!


We arrived at Think Company’s co-working space from our mid-summer trip to Eastern Finland and we immediately felt the energetic vibe in the room. Our first task was to build marshmallow towers with spagetti. The unconventional materials and limited allocated time inspired us to communicate better as a group, think innovatively to produce a distinctive result and experiment ideas without planning too much! The take-on message from the challenge was ”don’t spend too much time planning – create and test!”

Other workshops and advisors’ Q&A lectured by a long list of enthusiastic entrepreneurs helped us to put our ideas in practice and forward. We quickly learned that the key for success is to think of new ways to solve a relevant problem by understanding well what has already been done before. Moreover, one should also partner with skilled people to achive goals through hard work, have flexibility to ditch bad ideas and focus to find the most approachable service or product!

lungistartWe share here our FIVE TIPS we learned so far and that have helped us a lot:

1) Write your ideas down!

Don’t wait! Right now, pick some post-its and write down your values, problems, skills and solutions.  One idea per post-it. Make also labeled circles on a paper and put each one of the post-its inside of those circles. After that, choose the mains aspects that combine well, and that will make you solve the problem you are interested in a unique and fast way!

2) Expose your ideas clearly in 3 minutes!

Don’t be afraid. The world is full of enthusiastic people ready to help you reach your goals. Exposing your ideas will help you improve them and find the right partners and investors. For example, write a blog or post on social media. It is important that you find the core problem, the major innovative solution and the most efficient method to be employed! Pitch them in a easygoing way. Three minutes is your time! Pitching can be very nerve-racking if you’ve never done it before, but practicing is the best way to ensure you will make an impact on people and make them remember you.

3) Understand your customers! 

Be open! Listen to other people´s opinions, specially if they are your customers. Many companies have failed because they assumed they had the right solution, when customers were actually looking for something different. Create personas to reflect your customers and survey some of them by making questions in the past. For example, when was the last time you used images to convey your ideas? Don’t talk about the future and focus on those who already felt your idea would be useful for them.

4) Create a good business model! 

We built our business models using a Business Canvas, indeed a very useful way to expose your problems, solutions, and target groups. Complete it with one word or short sentences. It will open your mind and make you adjust your original ideas and make them better. Be ready to receive criticism, seek someone that has been working on the start-up scene to mentor you. The LUNGI program is an excellent start!

5) Make people talk about you and your ideas!

Learn the tricks of effective marketing & concept design, create impact with your business, and make a detailed customer journey. For example, a video campaign will reach more people if your solution is focused on solving a genuine problem and not only making money out of it. Engage people emotionally and create a call to action. Also, don’t forget to create a space where you and your customers can easily reach each other, as that will transmit trust and professionalism.

FINAL WORDS: One of the best things at the LUNGI summer program has definitely been the immense support we have received from the awe-inspiring Helsinki Think Company crew (we love you!), experienced guest speakers, and the other teams participating in the workshop modules and Idea Accelerator. We will be pitching our idea on the Demo Day & After Work session on thursday, 4th of August at Helsinki Think Company. We hope to see you all there, and if you talk about us use these #ConeCien #JOBIN #youmakewe

Thank you!