Meet our first Community Superhero!

It’s a normal afternoon at Vuorikatu. Music is playing on the background, coffee is dripping and people are working behind their laptops. Every now and then someone starts an interesting conversation which lasts for a while, until people get back to work. People are truly co-working.

Yet a need for stronger sense of community grows as more people come along. That’s why we want to activate our community members and create something new with them. Helsinki Think Company will name one community member to be our community superhero for a month at a time. During this month the community superhero will arrange an event or some activity for the HTC Community. They can use their imagination and secret powers to make people become part of something extraordinary.

Our first Superhero will set the game in June!

We proudly present our first Community Superhero, the hero of June 2016 Tiina-Maaria Laihi.

Tiina-Maaria is an active member of our community, an anthropologist, and a co-founder/CEO of Dipla. She took part in 4UNI solution competition in Fall 2015, and has been following Think Company’s path already from the beginning. She’s full of great ideas and isn’t afraid to put them in action. She’s an inspiring team worker who takes everyone into account.

In June Tiina-Maaria will execute two master plans. On Tuesday 14th of June she’ll organize a brunch for teams and team members  to discuss challenges and sharing the best practices among the community. The theme of the discussions will be determined by the needs and interests of the participants. Register here!

In the end of the month on Tuesday 28th she’ll take us for a picnic to enjoy each other’s company and welcome Lungi’s participants to the community.

Want to get involved? → Contact us to become a HTC Community Superhero!