Meet the host team 2016!

Five new members joined our hosting team in the beginning of the year. Think Company team is bigger than ever and ready to take a grip on the third venue – Meilahti campus. There are now nine hosts from different backgrounds and fields of studies running the everyday life at Think Company spaces.
Say hello to our newest team members:



Jenni Hämäläinen is a Social and Public Policy student at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She especially interested in social entrepreneurship and and is also involved in the Think Company community through Oppimo, a peer learning programme for students. She has experience with community building and event management.


Auri Evokari is on her last stretch of her Master of Arts degree in African studies, eager to find new ways to bring academics into action. Having a multidisciplinary study background herself, she gets a kick out of the magic that happens when people from various backgrounds get together and co-create.
Auri and Jenni are especially working at Meilahti space.




Tuomo Lindholm is both a new student of history and a master of science in geography as wells as an entrepreneur. His major interests are environmental change and finding knowledge based solutions to wicked problems. Storytelling is Tuomo’s special skill. Beside fixing the world he loves the archipelago, forests, fells and hiking. You can usually meet Tuomo at Vuorikatu venue.


Sally Weaver is an aspiring environmental economist, whose other academic interests include development, EU policy and agriculture. In practice she wants to help scale up localised climate action and work with international initiatives. She is fluent in both English and Finnish, and hopes to bring some international spice to the Think Company mix!



Milla Kallio is an urban geography student currently writing her bachelor’s thesis at the Faculty of Science and completing her minor at Aalto University. Milla is interested in the linkages between environment, human interaction and quality of life. She loves travelling, feeling at home in new places and is enthusiastic about co-creating and teamwork.
Viikki venue is the main working area for Sally and Milla.


Along with the new host team members you can meet already familiar faces Laura, Aino, Tyyra, Rosa and Matti Petteri hosting at Vuorikatu and Viikki. In 2016 Rosa will be in charge of the Vuorikatu venue and Tyyra of the space at Viikki. Last year’s Chairman of the Board Matti Petteri continues as CEO. Don´t hesitate to contact any of us if you have any questions, ideas to share, or thoughts that trouble you!

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