Put your idea into action through the Think Company Fund!

Hey community member – you now have the annual opportunity to apply for a grant to start your own business! 

We offer grants for promising, early-stage teams that stem from our very own Helsinki Think Company community. You’re able to apply for a grant up to 2500 euros (max. 850 € / person) to get your business going, or alternatively a grant of 500 euros to test and validate your business idea.

The grants will be awarded based on written applications and pitches. Due to the current societal circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the Helsinki Think Company board will invite the chosen teams to a pitching evening through Zoom. After hearing all the pitches, the board will make the determination as to which teams it sees fit to receive the grants. Please note that the grant can be admitted only for teams who have sent their application on time and participated in the Zoom pitching evening.

Criteria for receiving the grant

The grant up to 2500 euros will be awarded based on the following criteria:

Promising business idea
The team must have a promising idea with realistic business potential, as well as a clear and defined business model. We appreciate business concepts that are capable of creating a positive impact by taking on real-world problems. 

Commitment and the use of time
The team has a realistic view on how much time, effort and work the project requires and is committed to these requirements.

Early-stage phase
The team must be in an early startup phase and the company must exist legally.

Relation to Helsinki Think Company
The team must be related to Helsinki Think Company either through taking part in one of our programs or challenges, or by having its roots in our community. An example of this would be a team that regularly uses the services we provide, such as our co-working spaces.

Make a pilot with a smaller grant 

You can also apply for a 500 euro test grant with the same criteria. Please note however that this grant is meant for teams whose business model is not yet completely refined and that want to pilot their idea using the grant. A concrete plan describing the validation and execution of the idea as well as how the grant will be used is required.

Six months after having received the grant, the team should give an update on the development they have achieved and material for a social media post that will be published on Helsinki Think company’s channels. The report may be used as material for Helsinki Think Company’s communication and marketing purposes.

If for one reason or another the team would fail to withdraw the granted amount within six months from having received it, the money shall be returned to the Think Company Fund.

The application period begins on the 15.5.2020 and ends on the 30.5.2020. The Zoom pitching evenings are organized between 3.-4.6.2020. All applications will be considered on a case by case basis using the aforementioned criteria. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information at: board@thinkcompany.fi 

Teams apply here:

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