PLANETA – Challenge


PlanetA was a three-week online challenge focused on co-creating solutions to live on this planet more sustainably. The challenge revolved around two main themes: finding solutions for environmental education and limited resources.

The challenge brought together passionate people from diverse backgrounds and provided them with the tools to make a real difference. The final solutions were can be any kind of business idea that provides a positive environmental impact. It can be a product, an app or a service – you name it.

The chosen participants took part in facilitated workshops and had access to tailored mentoring from experts in an online environment. The challenge consisted of a kick-off weekend, 6 workshops and a final where teams worked on their final pitches and presented them to the judges. The winning team received 500 € for developing their idea to action. We will provide an opportunity for the teams to get mentoring from specialists of Helsinki Think Company after the program. The whole challenge took place on Zoom and Slack.

THEME 1 / Limited resources

We live on a planet with limited amounts of resources which many of them are non renewable. For years humans have lived beyond their means and as we know, the consequences of this human act can be fatal in the long run. If we want to keep our planet viable we need to create more sustainable ways to live on this planet. 

How to make limited resources circle as effectively as possible? How to minimize social differences in a world where not everyone can spend as much as they would like? And who gets to decide who is left with the most resources and who isn’t? How to consume in a way that it doesn’t impact the biodiversity? With this challenge we gained solutions to these kinds of problems.

THEME 2 / Environmental education

Environmental education plays a huge role in tackling the climate change. It is an act that aims to shape our behaviour to more sustainable direction by providing knowledge and the right tools. 

We believe that knowledge leads to actions and we want to provide people with the correct information on the matter. Anyone can benefit from learning about environmental matters and the educator can be almost any organisation.

What is in it for the participants?

A chance to play your part in tackling the climate crisis

The goal of this challenge was to create solutions that can actually be put to action. We provided tailored mentoring, guidance and new contacts so our contestants can have everything they need to make an positive environmental impact. We believe that action is the best way to make a change and hopefully it will reduce your eco-anxiety as well.

An inspiring experience

The contestants gained new friends, an empowering experience and a lot of food for thought. Since the challenge was held online, they learned how to work in a new environment. We wanted to provide the opportunity to make a change even in an exceptional situation like this.

Learning experience

With this challenge the contestants were able to utilize knowledge from their studies into action. On top of that you they also learned a lot from our experts. They were left with ideas on how to work towards a more sustainable world in their own field of study.


Application period starts
Application deadline
Accepted applicants are informed
SAT 9.5. (10-13)
Kick-off workshop
SUN 10.5. (11-13)
Kick-off workshop II: Define the solution
MON 11.5. (17-19)
Theme workshop I
WED 13.5. (17-19)
Lean canvas
MON 18.5. (17-19)
Theme workshop II
WED 20.5. (17-19)
Storytelling & branding
MON 25.5. (17-19)
WED 27.5. (17-19)
Final prep
FRI 29.5. (16-20)