The Era of Pioneers


Finland’s entrepreneurial movement was recently covered by The Guardian. What’s new is that this article wasn’t focused on the tech startup scene (which is quite an impressive one), but the social impact entrepreneurship scene.

For younger generations it’s not so much about the money they’re making, but about doing stuff that matters. Young people don’t count hours when they’re working with things they’re passionate about. They’re bright, little naive, and they want to have a positive effect on society.

This concretely changes lifestyles and working life in quite many ways. The most obvious one is that entrepreneurship is not worse of an option than anything else. Entrepreneurship is empowering compared to working in a bigger organization: you have responsibility and your actions do have consequences you can actually see. Instead of being a cog in a machine, you can practise several skills and that way actually run the machine.

Even people who call themselves downshifters are actually looking for the same things as the hardworking ones: meaning.

Looking at global challenges – like climate change – younger generations really are alone. Earlier apathy has been quite a natural reaction to these problems: they seem to be so huge that one can’t quite grab them. But we no longer have that option. Luckily, humankind is now more intelligent than ever. More educated, with more advanced technology. And the same goes with national level. So we actually have a shot.

As Tuukka Toivonen puts it in The Guardian, we’re still lacking social entrepreneurs as role models and cross-sector innovation is yet to grow to its full potential. In other words, this is the time for pioneers to take over.

Could you be one?