What happens when you create teams out of students with different academic backgrounds to develop solutions to society’s problems? These guys didn’t know each other before the 4UNI competition started. Nor did they have any idea as to the problems they would be solving. These people are great minds with creative ideas and a big desire to change the world. And this is what makes the difference. The power of the desire to change the world.

“Here is to the crazy ones…”

4UNI competition is about jumping into the unknown. You don’t apply with your own idea – instead, you apply with your own competence and your own personality. One of the key questions in entrepreneurship research is why some people, and not others, find opportunities. After these two months of creative madness, I would say this is because some people understand the most important ingredient – the vibe – that is to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit that consists of a desire to make a difference in society together.


“The ones who see things differently”

In the beginning of the 4UNI path, the teams had plenty of ideas how to make an impact on society. But first they had to kill their darlings and filter the thousands of ideas in their heads and focus on one. The teams chose a problem and started to develop a solution for that specific problem during multiple workshops and mentoring events. They put their knowledge into action and came up with some brilliant solutions. Four teams got to pitch their ideas in SLUSH, and after that we also had a Slush side event, where group of Entrepreneurship Master students from Amsterdam were visiting. They put the teams under a microscope by asking challenging questions about the teams’ ideas. The atmosphere was absolutely great and the teams got some great feedback on how to improve their ideas before the Finals.

“The only thing you can not do is ignore them 

because they change things”

And so here we are. After two months of hard work it is the time of the final that will take place at our Viikki venue on upcoming Friday (27.11). This will be just the beginning for most of the teams of the first 4UNI generation, and we will look forward to what is coming. Also, in the beginning of next year, together with ACE (Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship) we will facilitate a visit to Amsterdam for the winning team. After all, like entrepreneurship in general, 4UNI competition is a process. So instead of destination, the final can be seen more like the next big step on this creative path.  

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the World, are the ones who do”

The final, however, is going to be something you won’t want to miss! We will guarantee an inspirational and exciting atmosphere with that vibe. Here beneath is a little sneak peek of what is to come. Expect awesomeness. These are the teams that are going to rock the stage on Friday:

Dipla1Online tool for diversity and equality planning to help organizations and businesses to engage their people and make them even more committed to the organization´s goals and strategies.

Knoppi1An application for peer-to-peer learning – making it easier to share knowledge and learn important skills from each other.

Fenomedu1 A tool that helps teachers to embed phenomenon-based learning into the schools.

Loners1 A Platform that helps and motivates young people under a risk of exclusion to get back to school and work life.

Loimu1Loimu is a mobile application that simplifies symptom tracking in the care of mental health patients.


Pictures of the teams (c) Mikko Virta