The Office

Dottir Attorneys, a full-service business law firm has given startups from Helsinki Think Company the opportunity to work at their lovely space next to their office on Temppelikatu. Knoppi is the first startup to check it out.

Working will never be the same. We are now faced with more pressing questions than ever, like how can you work when you’re one step away from playing the “Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey”-game from 1996? I mean the game features the Hartford Whalers, Gretzky, Messier, Lindros, Palffy etc. Simply epic. And in the words of infomercials; that’s not all. They have also Sega Mega Drive with addicting games. Bored – never. Foolish – always.

That said, we can get down to business. First, what does startup actually mean? Knoppi loves Eric Ries’ definition from his great book The Lean Startup: “A startup is a human institution designed to create a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty”. And what does it mean to have a pop up #knoppioffice for one month? It means that we can now start building the “human institution”, the community around Knoppi. Our idea lives and dies with the community. And you’re a part of it. So you can’t simply measure how much value it has at our early stage to have a cozy corner where you can also have spectacular coffee.

knoppidottir2We are sharing our vision about learning during these times of uncertainty. Students of the University of Helsinki could easily reach for help from more experienced students with our platform, Knoppi. The Office gives us a way to communicate about the creating process for our students. We’ll have the coders from Vallgård Digital Solutions Oy around to develop it. Everyone is welcome to give feedback on it and we’re putting in the hours to make sure that our assumptions stay on track. During this month of intense working we are lighting the fire for an educational revolution!

We’ve already received enthusiastic members from the community to challenge our thinking and also in the Wayne Gretzky’s superb game. Student associations from the University of Helsinki have really given us support to deliver a customised product from students to students. Sometimes it feels that investors, wannabe-investors and BoB’s (Business, only business) miss that the social movement is something that has an impact which will last a life-time and beyond. It can change a culture of a nation, a community or the university. The extreme uncertainty that we love. Revenue streams aren’t relevant when you’re aiming to change the mindset of the people.

Thank you Dottir,Vallgård Digital Solutions Oy, Helsinki Think Company and the student community for your support. It means everything for Knoppi! The journey begins here.