Think Company Fund kick off

Grant from Think Company Fund was given out for the first time in the beginning of December. Three budding, Think Company based teams were granted by Helsinki Think Company Association. The fund is meant to help teams, young companies or evolving ideas to get their business started.

A small starting money is often crucial in the beginning of the developing process of a new business. Even a little bit of financial support helps burgeoning companies to gain some trust on their ideas and take the chances that are needed. This is the reason that Think Company Fund was established.

The association encourages people to team up by giving teams of many people a chance to get a bit bigger grant than individuals. Funding interesting projects also creates a bond between the companies and Helsinki Think Company. Creating a community that supports each other is the main goal of ours. Bootcamps, 4UNI competition and other smaller projects bring teams from different fields together and take the academic activism to the next level. That level is called practice.

Three of the five teams that pitched their idea for the board of the association were chosen to get the grant. On grounds of the decision was the purpose of the fund to help teams that are just getting started and need the grant for putting up their companies.

Here are the teams that were funded in 2015:


Dipla is a group of three students and one of the 4UNI finalists. They want to help organizations and other parties to engage their workers and make them more committed. Their business idea is to create an online tool for diversity and equality planning. Funding money enables Dipla to put up their company.


Knoppi is the winner team of the 4UNI competition 2015. Knoppi is developing an app for peer-to-peer learning. Their aim is to start the coding of the beta version this year – as soon as possible.
You can read more about Knoppi also from here.


Servoped is a team developing a computer for bikes. They attended Health Bootcamp 2015 in the beginning of the year and since then they have been prototyping and developing their product. At the moment Servoped is developing the device that gives cyclers coaching while riding the bike.
Read more about journey of Servoped at Bootcamp here.