Think Company moving to Tiedekulma – here’s what you need to know


Our last day open at Vuorikatu 5 will be 15th September. After that we’re closed for a week due to moving mayhem. We’re open for everyone again starting from 22nd September. You’ll find us just around the corner, on the second floor of the new Tiedekulma at Yliopistonkatu 4.

Opening hours at Tiedekulma

Tiedekulma will be open Mon–Fri 7–23, Sat 10–18 and Sun 10–22 and you can access our coworking space on the second floor during these hours. Our Think Company host will be present to help you and keep you company Mon–Fri 10–18, just like at the good old Vuorikatu 5.

The new space

Let’s be honest: Vuorikatu 5 was starting to become a little small for all of us. The new space at Yliopistonkatu 4 will multiply our space and provide us with more room for co-working and exciting encounters than before! Some things stay the same: there’s still a kitchen and coffee available and everyone is welcome.

We want to see everyone in the new Tiedekulma. If you weren’t a part of our community yesterday, we hope you will be ASAP!

Key policy

Unlike at Vuorikatu 5, our community members will not have the opportunity to apply for 24/7 keys to the new Tiedekulma. This is because there are several operators and loads of people under the same roof in Tiedekulma and therefore a strict security policy.

If you’ve only held a key to Vuorikatu and don’t need it anymore, we kindly ask you to return it to the janitor you received it from.

Here’s a tip: The old flexim keys still open the doors to Think Company Viikki. Use the Viikki space for those late working sessions and allnighters in the future! It’s big, cozy and peacuful.

The new Tiedekulma is just finding its form, so stay tuned: there might be changes in the key policy in the future, too. Follow us on Facebook and join Helsinki Think Community, too, to stay up to date.

Space reservations

Yes, we still host an event space available for all kinds of events related to entrepreneurship and bringing potential into action and booking it doesn’t cost you anything. You can inquire it for your event just like before, using our space reservation form. The space is available for events starting from 25th September.


One new thing we’re very excited about is our new flexidesks – cool little office desks, available for rent for cool startups and other fascinating changemakers. Our flexidesks will be the perfect next step for startups that have grown in Think Company and other operators that fit our ecosystem.

Our flexidesks come with many advantages: The location in the heart of Helsinki is as good as it gets and operating in Tiedekulma will attach you to the academic science community. If you wish to be profiled as an expert with a bad-ass academic background, Tiedekulma is your place to be.

The flexidesks will be available for rent for 165 e per month, starting from October. If you’re interested, pop in and we’ll chat and see if we’re the right match for each other. We will soon launch an app to make renting very easy and also a bundle deal for renting flexidesks in both Tiedekulma and the new Terkko Health Hub, opening in October.

Party time

We will celebrate the closing of Vuorikatu 5 with our Last Carnival on 15th September and the grand opening of Tiedekulma on 20th September. See you there! Come early, as the party is going to be huge and everyone might not fit in.

See you soon, everyone! If you have any questions about anything, we’re always here for you. Here are some sneak peaks into the new Tiedekulma: