Thirty people found their passion at Think Company

On a grey and rainy Thursday evening thirty strangers gathered at Helsinki Think Company’s co-workig space in Vuorikatu to play a peer-2-peer coaching game PassionUp. The game is developed by a promising startup called NurtUp with whom Helsinki Think Company organised this event. Event was a huge success as the house was full and everyone left from it with clearer goals and a stronger trust in themselves.

In the beginning of event Hajni and Daniel from from NurtUp introduced the game, basics of coaching and divided people into small groups of five. Each of these groups got their own deck of fancy cat cards. Game itself was very simple advancing through four rounds of changing questions. These questions and the special roles or super powers which were dealt among players worked amazingly well. Even though people in those the small groups had very different goals varying from happiness to finishing of bachelor’s thesis or achieving a meaningful job everyone find some concrete steps towards their goal through the game.

Horizontality of the game and advancing through questions rather than statements made people open themselves astonishingly honestly to others although they were mostly total strangers. This lack of hierarchies gave a unique opportunity to change experiences and move from perspective to another without need to defend or stuck in one’s own point of view. This game would work very well on career counselling classes in secondary and high schools or even in universities. Also youth organisations and events like confirmation camps or Prometheus camps would benefit from using this kind of game based mentoring.

After the event Hajnalka “Hajni” Zigmund from NurtUp commented the night as follows: “This was a very successful evening for us. People loved sharing their stories and dreams with each other. In return we got a lot of good response and even tips how to further develop our product and revenue generation model.”

Helsinki Think Company will also continue to organise these kinds of peer-to-peer mentoring and coaching events. PassionUp gaming night was a perfect launch for our coaching year 2016. If enough demand occurs, we might even do this again!

Picture by Hajnalka Zigmund
Intense playing. Picture: Hajnalka Zigmund