Tips from Slush for world changers

We at Helsinki Think Company believe in the power of the young, the brave and the unprejudiced. We can all change the world in our own way. After all, if the cure for cancer can be found and interplanetary movement made accessible, anything is possible.

Following inspirational speeches at Slush, we’ve gathered some tips for all brave and aspiring world changers. What should a world changer think about in order to be relevant in the next 5 to 10 years?

1. How do you take into account that the amount of internet users will rise from 2 billion to 6-8 billion in the next 10 years?

2. What is your blockchain strategy? How will your concept work in an environment not requiring platforms or trust in the exchange of commodity?

3. How does a product become “wrist twister” – getting people to show off the product to their friends, saying “Look at this!”? Tinder doesn’t think about how to get a new customer, but how to build the greatest product. Take core human behaviors into consideration and trust word of mouth, the best marketing tool.

4. “Find what you love and do it. Don’t think, just act and follow your passion will follow.” And remember: you don’t have to be an engineer in order to run a tech company. Chris Sacca advocates for the importance of humanities and argues that Silicon Valley needs more Liberal Arts majors in the future. Be interesting, a little weird and passionate – that’s all you need.

5. All really influential, world-changing ideas like Google have been laughed at or not regarded as such in Seed A phase. The best ideas are considered crazy by many, brilliant by few like Steve Juvertson says, so you have to be resilient.