We have taken over Kumpula campus! Thanks to our brand new co-working space and amazing Kumpula crew the picture is finally completed – Helsinki Think Company now has a firm stand on every campus of the University of Helsinki.

Kumpula Think Company is our 4th open co-working space that is free to use for anyone working on their projects. Using our space for coworking doesn’t cost you anything but we hope you will bring something to the community in return: Say hello to everyone, be considerate and please make sure to clean after yourself.

Most importantly, the co-working space is a great place to get to know our inspiring community: students from all fields, graduates, researchers, entrepreneurs, freelancers… You name it. Although our community is very diverse we all have a shared goal: to make world a better place by solving real life problems. Our community is open for anyone to join – all you need is some curiosity and an open minded, can-do attitude.

You can book our venue for your events as long as they’re free of charge and open for anyone to join. If you want to have a smaller meeting in our space feel free to just pop in. Just keep in mind that since we’re all about co-working the space is usually filled with other inspiring people too. 


The special feature of Kumpula is a makerspace for everyone interested in robots and other hardware projects they wish to try out in practice.  As everything we do is community based, our makerspace is not an exception. The makespace will offer facilities to bring your ideas into concrete projects with equipment from soldering stations, programmable microcontrollers and electronics to 3D printers and VR glasses – not to mention that it’s free to use.

The makerspace is developed according it’s users’ wishes so all suggestions are more than welcome. Come say hello to our makerspace mastermind Juho and get the help you need to push your projects forward. Juho is also a member of Robot Uprising, a thrilling project founded at Helsinki Think Company. Robot Uprising brings together developers, AI enthusiasts and designers and now has their new headquarter at Kumpula Think Company. The amazing work of the team culminates in a futuristic story-driven hackathon experience taking place in Kattilahalli next October, made possible by the largest IT companies in Finland. The hackathon combines a twisted race track for the bots, a strategy game where artificial intelligences compete against each other and a futuristic design-challenge. 

What now?

Since we set foot in Kumpula we have met many people with a lot of cool skills. Because we’re fans of peer learning we’re planning workshops that would be all about sharing that knowledge with others. We would love to give our community members an opportunity to both learn new skills and teach others what they know best. Whether you would like to know the basics of a coding language or tips on how to build your own business we definitely know someone who can help you out.

Rumour has it that we have been planning mathathons, coding competitions, workshops on work-life skills and interesting multidisciplinary projects. When it comes to events and workshops we have quite a few ideas in store for our brand new venue. With all the know-how in the Kumpula campus we could definitely make magic happen.

So where can you find us?

Kumpula Think Company is located in the Exactum building, on floor K1. We are open every weekday from 10.00 until 17.00. As we’re newbies on the Kumpula campus we’d like to see as many new faces as possible and get to know the local community. Come stop by, say hello and let us know about your ideas and wishes. Suggestions on events, projects and additions to the Makerspace are more than welcome – and so are you. We hope to see you all at Kumpula Think Company!

Text: Venla Parkkila, Isa Yang
Photos: Jarkko Laine/Royal Photo