For you with an idea, hunger for knowledge or need for investment.

From a seed of an idea to a blossoming enterprise, equip yourself with the tools needed for all the levels in entrepreneurship.


Becoming an entrepreneur is not a clear step-by-step process to many of us – especially if you have not gotten any prior education in the field of business. In addition to this, entrepreneurship can often be seen as a path with a “restricted access” sign hanging over it; paved only for the brilliant commercial minds who have the magical touch of turning any idea into a viable money making machine. Let us tell you, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

To break down barriers to entrepreneurship, we proudly present to you: HELSEED workshop series. Delivered with a logical progression, these workshops contain all the things you need to consider when setting up shop: starting from crystallising an idea you might have, to preparing a solid business plan, making a budget, estimating revenue streams and testing your idea in a safe space. We will even prep you for negotiating with investors.

Whether you have a blurred idea for business or already a fully functioning startup, we can help you to take the next step. You can pick and choose which workshops fit your needs the best, or you can attend the whole series. Workshops for this spring are held online, so all you need to do is to sign up below!

These workshops are organised in collaboration with the University of Helsinki, as a part of the wider HELSEED program. Therefore, these workshops are also designed to support and groom teams on their HELSEED journey.



All you need is an idea, we offer a creative and supportive environment to work with it. In HELSEED workshops you can develop your idea and learn what you should know when building a business around it.




If you already have a startup or you’re just a few steps away from establishing one, we help you to be prepared for the next move. Whether it’s perfecting your business plan or getting ready for negotiations with investors, we provide concrete tools to help you.


We welcome all who are curious to learn about opportunities of entrepreneurial thinking. You don’t even have to know how to use the information yet, we are happy to offer you an insight into entrepreneurship as a career path and as a way of solving problems.


Due to a high level of interest, unfortunately we have to limit the number of participants in the workshops. Make sure you book your place by signing up! We also kindly hope that registrants commit to participating in the workshops so that we can include everyone interested.

Crystallising the idea  /  13.4. 17-19  /  SIGN UP

Helseed workshops start with an idea crystallisation workshop, where participants will focus on polishing their potential idea for a project or a business.

Presenting the business models  /  20.4. 17-19  /  SIGN UP

The second workshop is focused on understanding the basics of business models. What is a business model? How is it used? What does B2B and B2C stand for? How do associations differ from businesses? What is a sustainable business model?

Market research  /  27.4. 17-19  /  SIGN UP

The market research workshop helps teams to understand the ABC’s of market research. The workshop provides participants well-acknowledged models, methods and tools for conducting your own research in the field of your interest.

Piloting the idea  /  11.5. 17-19  /  SIGN UP

In this workshop teams focus on testing their concept and how to conduct product piloting. Examples of product piloting are provided, to give some reference points for starting off with your own project.

Making estimations  /  18.5. 17-19  /  SIGN UP

The last workshop of the spring gives teams tools to understand their cost structure and estimate the potential revenue streams.


The answer is simple: everyone interested in our workshops can participate. We don’t have any requirements for a status of the participant or for baseline information.

Yes. You can pick the ones you find interesting or attend to the whole series. You can sign up for all of the spring workshops you like at once or individually.

Sign up to workshops you wish to attend by Sunday two days before the workshop you wish to attend will be held. Due to a high level of interest, unfortunately we have to limit the number of participants in the workshops. Make sure you book your place by signing up! We also kindly hope that registrants commit to participating in the workshops so that we can include everyone interested. After signing up we will send you the link to Zoom where the workshops are held. You can find the links to sign up to each workshop from the workshop schedule on this page.

Helsinki Think Company organizes the HELSEED workshops.

The language for all workshops is English.

During this spring all workshops are online. Information about workshops in autumn will be updated later.

Workshops are a voluntary part of the HELSEED program. You can participate in all the other parts of the HELSEED program without attending the HELSEED workshops.

You can find more information on the program website by the University of Helsinki.


Launching the program
Spring workshop series
Summer holidays (no workshops)
Autumn workshop series (specific dates will be announced closer to the date)
Submission deadline for business plans
November 2021
Assessment of submissions and feedback
Late November 2021
Pitching event (specific date to be announced)
December 2021 - March 2022
Negotiations and solidifying investment plans

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